A day definitely worth celebrating is National Waffle Day, which is on August 24th. This sweet treat got its start back in 1869 when Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New Yorkwas issued a patent for his waffle iron. Cooked between two plates and made of leavened dough or batter it has lovers worldwide. If you were to search on Instagram #waffles you would find that there are nearly two million images dedicated to its deliciousness.

Survey says

Recently, Finlandia conducted a survey of 2,000 people and although they found that women love waffles a little bit more than men , most of us love them with butter.

Though you can grab a waffle at your local diner or IHOP check out the five places that make waffle eating into a party in your mouth.

These are worth the trip

Aretha Frankensteins, Chattanooga, TN: TheWaffle of Insane Greatness may catch your eye but save room for dessert and go for the Elephants Gerald instead. It is vanilla ice cream, swimming in pecans and maple syrup atop a Belgian waffle dusted with cinnamon.

The Guenther, San Antonio, TX : Enjoy the rich history and design of the downstairs restaurant that was built in the early 1900s.

Then settle yourself down and order up either a Southern Sweet Cream or Strawberry Waffle. Both made using San Antonio River Mill Southern Sweet Cream Waffle mix, that can be purchased at the gift shop.

Belgian Waffle Works, Arrowhead, CA: This family owned and operated restaurant located dockside touts about seventeen variations, making it hard to pick just one. But if you are a chocolate lover try the Mud-Pie version you won't be disappointed.

You can also request gluten free and they will oblige when available.

Waffle Champion, Oklahoma City, OK: There are two base waffles here to pick from then you can get creative with the toppings. The basic version which is buttermilk batter with vanilla and cinnamon or the liege which is a yeast dough type enhanced with caramelized pearl sugar. I am not saying what to pick but here's a hint: Blueberry Sunrise.

Lexington Brass, NY, NY: Nothing says posh quite as well as this place located in midtown. But skip pass the raw bar items and snag their Chicken and Waffles for brunch and you'll find yourself saying; it must be the honey butter and fancy maple syrup.

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