Carre d'artistes is a company that owns and operates galleries spanning the globe that promote original artworks in various styles from artists currently living and working in countries all over the world. Since its launch in France in 2001, Carre d'artistes has enjoyed massive success and popularity; to date they have over thirty galleries in Europe, Asia, North America and South America. In June of 2016, the company announced the launch of a mobile App that will make its art and artists more accessible to art lovers everywhere.

App & virtual endeavors

Like the galleries, the mission of the app is to showcase the work of their represented artists--more than 600 in all. Since the art styles range from abstract to landscapes, marine art, street art, nudes and more. Hence, no matter what kind of art an individual prefers, everyone will likely find something of interest via Carre d'artistes. Best of all, all users can make their favorite art into digital wallpaper for their computers and electronic devices.On Android phones, users can automatically get the daily artwork on their wallpaper and download the images in their photo gallery.

“We are working on making the app more intuitive than it is already but we are still keeping surprises that might come soon,” said Alexandre Siahou the company’s Digital, Marketing and Communication director. “The art industry is so complex and the people who are successful in this business have to be passionate. When you like what you do and don’t feel you’re just at work, it’s so much easier to do a good job.

We want that passion to show through our galleries and our app.”

Galleries & live events

This year, Carré d’artistes is entering its 15th year in business and the organization is celebrating the occasion with numerous events and new galleries’ opening all around the world. For example, in July a new gallery opened in Atlanta, Georgia. “We are happy and thrilled to continue our development in the United States and elsewhere,” Alexandre Siahou declared.

“We plan to stay in business and promote new and innovative artists and works for many years to come.”

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