Birthday parties are banned in some Chinese towns. If people are caught hosting a birthday, they will have to pay a fine. President Xi Jinping believes those who host a birthday party are flaunting their wealth. If an official held a party, he is thought to be requesting gifts and favors in return for being invited to the celebration. Therefore, some Chinese towns have banned birthday parties citing that it is unwise to have them. It was reported that a man in the Sichuan province was fined $100 for having a birthday party for his 87-year-old mother. A previous regulation had stated that villagers who are party members could host celebrations only when their parents turned 80 or 90 and not on birthdays in between.

Only three acceptable celebrations

A ruling is also in place in another town in Sichuan that banquets could be held only for weddings, funerals and birthday parties for those over 70. A birthday could be celebratedonly once in adecade. At the beginning of this year, a Sichuanofficial thought he was in the clear when he hosted a banquet for his 60th birthday just days after he retired. He spent about $900 on his 121 guests. Hosting a banquet of this nature wasconsidered extravagant.

People attending celebrations might break moral and ethical codes against excessive eating, drinking, and improper sexual relationships. At least two of the forbidden practices listed by the Communist Party Central Committee are sure to take place at most celebrations for adults.

Over a three-year period, more than 11,000 officials have been punished for holding lavish banquets.

Responses to the ban on birthdays

According to social media, viewsare mixed. The ban on birthdays is supported by many. People argue that birthday celebrations are expensive. Guests are expected to take expensive gifts.

The man in Sichuan who hosted his mother's 80th birthday party supports the ban. He admitted he should have been punished. He apologized and said he didn't set a good example for others in his town. He concluded that in the future he will make better decisions. Other people argued that the banon birthdays has gone too far.

What do you think about the ban on birthdays in some Chinese towns?

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