Biology is a famous major, providing students with various research opportunities. As soon as you finish the degree, doors of well-paying jobs with incredible career growth open for you. Pupils gain broad understanding of life sciences and natural sciences. Many of them with majors in Biology pursue careers in medicine. The list presented here talks about universities that offer the best Biology programs. The College Factual 2016 report says that there are four main universities.

Harvard University

Founded in 1636, Harvard University is one of the oldest institutions of America. The bulk of Harvard’s students can study Biology as undergraduates and post-graduates. Survey report of College Factual reveals that about 25% of the student body of this institution is international. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard welcomes applications in August and classes begin in mid-September. Some of its major schools are Business School, Graduate School of Education, Law School, and John F.

Kennedy School of Government. The Faculty of Medicine, on the other hand, has affiliation with several teaching hospitals such as Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Other than Biology, popular majors are social sciences, mathematics, psychology, history, and English literature.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is a private university. It was established in 1876.

Its campuses are located in Baltimore, Columbia, Italy, and China. The main campus, named Homewood Campus, is present in northern Baltimore. Most of the university’s schools use a semester-based academic calendar with several offering short-term courses in September and January. English is the primary language of instruction. The university is known for its outstanding alumni. Students of Biological Sciences and other majors are provided with affordable accommodation.

Its nine academic divisions are offering degree programs in fields like arts, life sciences, engineering, business administration, education, nursing, music, public health, international studies, and linguistics.

University of California

University of California’s Division of Biological Sciencesisalwaysthe prior choice of students who are looking for high-quality education in life sciences. The specialized areas are continuously preparing graduates for abright future or advanced degrees. Opt for a program that comes up to your expectations, and submit an application. Make sure your education background matches their merit because the selection criterion is quite strict.

According to College Factual reports, the average starting pay of a Biology graduate of this institution is $43,000.

Standford University

Stanford University of California is one oftop ranked universities in the world. It prepares students for a better and successful future. A degree in Biology from this institution can open doors to numerous careers within the sciences. Students are given full freedom to choose their major from the variety of sub-divisions of Biology, including evolution, marine biology, life sciences, sports sciences, ecology, and more. You can advance your career with a specialized degree program.

Pursue careers in medical, dental or veterinary sectors once the degree is completed with good grades.

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