Coloring is a long-loved pastime that was traditionally associated with children yet, recently, there has been a movement to promote coloring as a calming activity that is a prime way for even the least artistic of adults to de-stress. To that end, coloring books geared towards adults have flooded the marketplace, many of which contain intricate patterns and abstract shapes. Although nothing compares to actual coloring, many adults cannot easily travel around with a coloring book and pencils. Hence, filling in colors via an app is becoming quite a trend; a fact that a company known as Apalon has readily embraced.

Coloring in a digital age

Apalon is an innovative development company that reaches over 20 million people each month via their popular offerings such as “Speak & Translate” and “Weather Live.” Now the company is embracing the artistic side of technology via their latest release titled “Coloring Book for Me.” True to its direct name, this free app is currently available on iOS and it is modeled after physical books equipped with images in a variety of subjects including flowers, animals and intricate mandalas.

Of course, being a digital system, adding the hues is done via tapping the screen with one’s fingers or drawing by use of an Apple Pencil.

Benefits of coloring

While the advantages of actually putting pencil--or crayon--to paper are par-none, “Coloring Book for Me” is a worthy digital equivalent that can help ease anxiety practically anywhere that you can use your phone. The therapeutic effects of the process shine through on this app which cites its key features as including frequent content updates, a wide range of color palettes, editing effect capabilities, quick sharing options and a mess-free way to embrace the arts.

The app also holds appeal to a very broad age range and can thereby be enjoyed by seniors, adults and children alike.

Variations of coloring

“Coloring Book for Me” is akin to Colorfy, Pigmeny by Pixite LLC and Recolor by Sumoning Ltd. However, it is very impressive due to its huge array of color options, massive library of images and the ease and quality of the process. For users who do not want to be exposed to watermarks and advertisements, a subscription package is available.

For anyone who enjoys playing with Apps and finds themselves soothed by simple tasks, then virtual coloring books are a good way to combat stress.

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