Artist and illustrator Claudia Long was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she enjoyed creating art since early childhood. Inspired by family, nature, pets, sports, abstract shapes. Despite her artistic flare, Claudia’s career began in corporate America where she worked as an IT Analyst. Currently, she is taking on the role of a professional artist who specializes in creating patterns for product surfaces.


Claudia cites her greatest influence as being from her Uncle Sterling Curry (1925 -1947), who was an Illustrator and the winner of the Ingersoll Art Award contest for a painting titled "Family Morning" which was displayed on the April 1947 US Time Corporation calendar.

In addition, she isinspired by everyday life and textures such as those found in nature.In 2007, while working in a corporate job, Claudia decided to change careers and finally pursue her passion – art. She yearned to make designs for wallpaper and fabrics and during a trip to a fabric store in Pittsburgh-Strip District, the owner introduced her to the phrase “surface pattern design.” Claudia researched this term which resulted in her attaining higher education in Business of Art/Design in addition to an Associate degree in Graphic Design.

“It was while I was earning my Master’s in the Business of Art and Design from MICA-Maryland Institute College of Art, I learned about Surtex,” Claudia explained. “The Surtex trade show was my first entrance into art business. I’d love to create patterns for home interiors, gift products and office accessories. A dream outcome would be to open a home interior magazine and see my patterns on the surface of different products.”


Claudia’s whimsical and colorful art was presented at the Surtex trade show in NYC in May of 2016.

The works displayed were primarily her debut illustrations comprised of geometric and organic patterns. Essentially, designs that are very visually appealing for many kinds of products. Claudia’s art process begins with a small sketch which she then rearranges to form interconnected shapes. “The geometric patterns are from lessons I learned in design class - circle, triangle or square,” Claudia stated in a recent interview.

“The organic patterns are inspired by my relationships in life.” Her formula proved very successful as her work was well received at the.


Claudia aspires to design patterns for a huge range of items such as bed and bath linens, wall coverings, pillows, rugs and more. “I hope my designs bring happiness to people and add beauty to any space,” she stated. “Right now I’m working on the launch of a self-affirmation product line. In ten years, I hope Claudia Long Studios will have exclusive design lines for home and office. Wherever this journey takes me, I’m ready!”

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