Doing artwork and fostering creativity has been proven to be extremely cognitively beneficial; especially for strengthening important mental abilities such as thinking outside of the box.Additionally, art has been proving to have a relaxing effect on many people who take it up. In fact, a 2015 U.S. News & World Report stated that art fosters healing benefits even for very-ill and/or hospital bound patients.Occasionally, making art can even lead to an artist being recognized for their artwork and having the opportunity to publicly showcase their pieces.

Yet, in order to make beautiful artwork, an artist needs good tools and ALEX Brands--traditionally a producer of playthings--has recognized the value of art through their new line of artistic supply kits.

Arts for all ages

ALEX Brands produces many types of toys, games and Art Supplies. In 2016, the company released a number of high-quality art kits as part of the “Studio Expressions Art Series” which is intended to foster creativity in budding artists by providing top-grade materials such as Paints, brushes and canvases in kits.

The sets range in both price point as well as the number of materials included yet they are unique in their professional quality. Whilst you can get quality art supplies from brands like Crayola and Tech 4 Kids, those items are tailored especially towards children whilst the supplies offered by the ALEX Brands art kits are geared towards artists who are verging on the professional or who are already established.

Paints and more

The kits in theStudio Expressions Art series aim to impress seasoned artists via their high quality, classy layouts and excellent assortment of materials. For example,several sets include various art supplies--such as various kinds of paints and brushes which are professional-grade--as well as a sturdy wooden case that doubles as an easel and ensures that the entire case can be easily transported.

The most luxurious of all the models is the48 piece "Easel Case ArtistsSet"that consists of 12 acrylic paints, 12 watercolor paints, 12 oil paints, 6 paint brushes, 2 canvas boards, 2 palettes, a watercolor paper pad and a painting guide. The kit is ideal for artists who work in a variety of mediums; all the paints are smooth and blend beautifully, making them incredibly easy to work with. Moreover, the color payoff is absolutely brilliant. Although this set could technically be used by children as young as three, it is most suited for older kids and teens or even adults."ALEX Brands recognized the trend in 'adult coloring' early on," said Sally Lawrence of the PR team.

"We've updated many best-selling art items with new packaging that is less juvenile looking so that it appeals to a broader consumer base and added several new art supply items and art sets in our Studio Expressions collection. So far, the art series is very popular."The product team is presently hard at work on their2017 Line Review--some of which involves art kits that are set to be released within the next six months.

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