According to the ASPCA, around 7.6 million animals are placed in sheltersyearly and three million are never adopted. This puts a significant strain on the resources of the shelters and their personnel. Though those numbers may seem depressing they can be reduced if more of us would adopt and. or neuter our Pets.

Issues of Cruelty

Additionally, there are factors of concern such as abuse, hoarding and puppy mills. Recently there was a case of hoarding in East Meadow, Long Island where over 40 Dogs were removed from a home by Haz-mat. Sadly, most of them were covered in feces and urine and were malnourished.

Once removed from the home the house was condemned by the fire marshal. Weeks later there was yet another case of twenty dogs living in a smaller area: a Mercedes SUV. In addition to neglect, one of the dogs had suffered severe blood loss and all had health issues. More depressing than that is knowing that in the United States there are 250,000 animals currently being hoarded.

Buying and selling our four legged friends

Also of great concern is the continued support of puppy millsfrom Americans choosing to purchase what they deem to be the perfect pet. But effectively that leaves 10,000 dogs living in the squalor that is often a puppy mill. Sadly, many of these store bought fur babies suffer from health issues because of the less than wonderful environment they have experienced.

These numbers are not great and many other animals are being abused and neglected in other ways with a lot many cases going unreported. We are often alerted to issues when an athlete has been involved with a dog fighting ring or when it is reported that dozens of them are at risk. But then we never hear of how Greyhound racing is abusive to those majestic dogs.

Help our dogs

Today is National Dog Day and a perfect time to vow not to buy an animal from a pet store, but rather visit your local animal shelter. You can also visit the ASPCA’s website to find out how you can donate and what you can do to help protect our four legged friends. Plus you can also log onto Petfinder and choose from thousands of available animals waiting for a forever home.

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