Animals interest many children and mythical creatures such as unicorns and mermaids also tend to hold a lot of appeal to youngsters, especially little girls. In fact, fantastical species are a top-trend in girl’s toys ranging from the mermaid mini-figures in Splashlings to the ever-present “Troll” franchise which is enjoying a resurgence of its 1980s-era glory. Hence, a startup brand known as “Zoonicorns” will likely delight girls of preschool age who have an affinity for fantasy; specifically, unicorns.

This newly launched franchise melds zebras with unicorns to create a blended species. Offerings in this line presently consist of several apps, one colorful storybook and four high-quality plush toys.


The word “Zoonicorns” is derived from the words unicorn, zebra and zoological--which is suitable noting that the magical creatures at the center of this series are essentially striped unicorns. The first--and thus far only--book in the series is titled “Buffy Meets the Zoonicorns.” The story chronicles the adventures of a young buffalo named Buffy who lives in a zoo.

When she dreams, Buffy frolics with the Zoonicorns in a magical world of dreams. The story is simple yet well written; entertaining and gentle without being boring. The artwork consists of water-color illustrations that lend a lovely pastel element to the book which is fitting given the content and target age range. The four plush toys are fairly compact in size and are surprisingly detailed; an especially nice touch is the two-toned hues of their manes and tails which works well with the “striped” theme of zebras.


The character’s names are very unique--which is commendable--but it might take little ones a few tries to pronounce them correctly. The Zoonicorns consist of blue Valeo who is strong and brave, pink Aliel who is carefree and lighthearted, green Ene who loves to sing and joke and purple Promithea who is peaceful and calm. Together, they make a very appealing collection--and a franchise that is at the cusp of bigger things to come.

“So far the most rewarding part of working for this company has been seeing the reactions of kids when they see them for the first time,” stated creator Mark Lubratt. “We hope to branch this out to become a worldwide brand.”


Expanding the stories and adventures of the Zoonicorns is at the forefront of Mark’s mission. These items are slightly higher-end than other animal-themed plush toys sold by competing companies such as Aurora World, Goffa Toys or Stuffed With Plush but they are also very unique within the toy industry due to their imaginative blend of unicorns and zebras. Essentially, you can find other options for zebra plush and you can find other plush unicorns but Zoonicorns is the only brand that depicts a combination of the two.

The dream theme is also something that the brand will focus on. As Mark Lubratt stated, “We want to inspire kids to embrace their dreams, including their hopes and dreams for the future. At the forefront of the Zoonicorns message is to dream big!There are very few people who can stop you from achieving your dreams.”

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