Any actual human being thinks that rape is one of the most violent, repulsive, and otherwise terrible acts one human being can commit upon another. However, there are that subset of humans who think that making rape into a joke is a completely acceptable behavior.

Rape jokes

Case and point, a recent meme and corresponding discussion thread created yesterday on Twitter by user “Ogxbenson” and other Twitter users, including musician, actress, and activist Zendaya Coleman. The meme, featuring images of Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Zendaya, asked “If the purge was real who y'all raping?” Ogxbenson citing the recent release of the third installment of the horror film, The Purge: Election Year.

Zendaya's response

Zendaya, never being one to not voice her opinions nor ever resorting to anything but classy behaviors and responses, had some words for the post. After seeing this post, she immediately responded, saying in two separate tweets “This is absolutely disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. Is this really what my generation thinks is ok? People are sick…”The user, Ogxbenson, more excited about the fact that celebrity Zendaya both saw and responded to the tweet instead of focusing on the content of her response, responded himself by saying how “lit” it was that Zendaya responded.Zendaya then responded by saying “ the only thing that's lit is your immorality and inhumanity young man.

I pray you find some sense.“ Ogxbenson, following several failed attempts at petty exchanges to rope Zendaya into a Twitter battle, has since deleted the initial tweet and its thread, and offered a quite flippant apology.

Rape culture is very pervasive even within our own culture. It is hard to really consider this type of behavior as a joke when you get responses to sexually violent tweets from their supporters like this one from another Twitter user: “Zendaya looks young probably haven't had a good smash yet.

Always have had thirst for young flesh.” We hope both the offending Twitter user and his audience both learned that rape is no joke.

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