The 21st century problem seems to be that we have got to keep up with the numerous online accounts asking for profile photos, with an option to update them anytime we feel we made the wrong choice or maybe, occasionally, to commemorate something. There is nothing that gives credence to the adage a picture is worth a thousand words than a profile picture.

There are many reasons that differentiate the different websites in different niches- whether it is LinkedIn or Twitter, Upwork or Blasting News, Quora or Wiselike- there is something that fits each category. This is equally true of applications- whether it is Skype or Facebook, Cookpad or Wordpress, everybody feels the need to have pictures that define them grace their profiles.

While your presence on other sites typically depends on your agenda on that site, it may still be necessary for one to have a profile photo that is lukewarm- if that defines ‘moderation’. A lawyer may not have much use for Instagram as a photographer may, but that does not warrant lose portrayal. On the internet, clients can stumble on you anywhere, and I mean anywhere. So, what profile picture is moderate while at the same time bears formal undertones? What can you use for LinkedIn and, at the same time- Instagram? What are the Dos and the Donts? A formal profile photo bears the following characteristics:


What about it? Balanced lighting is the first thing that discriminates between a good photo and a poorly taken photo.

The lighting should reveal the features in focus, while balancing their manifestation. You want people to see your expression, don’t you


Now, unless you are being held hostage and you have no say on the background of the photo to be taken, the setting should be simple. You do not want people to remember where you are, you want them to remember you.


Absolutely! Cropping is becoming more and more an art. Cropping is, I guess, 60% judgment 40% dexterity. What do you want seen? What is relevant and what not? What tampers with the overall intention of the photo? How much zoom? Where to begin?

Facial Expression.

Is there much to say about this category?

The expression in the photo you choose for your profile should be attractive and courteous to the millions of strangers who may stumble on your profile. Some may be former colleagues, others may be future associates.

These are just some of the factors to consider, the more general of the factors to consider. Of course, we remain free to choose something else as photos for our profiles- something that we are related to whether professionally, as a hobby or as remote interests and fantasies- which we all have.

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