According to The Weather Channel, it’s going to be a rainy Fourth of Julyfor a number ofpeople in the United States. Staying weather appropriate and fabulous at the same time this Fourth of Julymay be a bit of a style conundrum, and looking chic while drenched is virtually impossible. Instead of sporting the usual red, white, and blue t-shirt and jeans, opt for these stylish wares.

Printed jacket

You got unlucky and you’re celebrating a rain-filled Fourth of July. Cover up in a fitted, hooded jacket with a colorful print. Although a flag printed piece may give you holiday cred, a blue and white or red and white print will do the trick.

Simply pair the jacket with a pair of your most stylish pair of pants and rock some festive boat shoes or if needed, rain boots.


Outside is windy and rainy, and a bit cold. Shield your legs from the weather with a pair of capris. A straight leg pair that hit mid-calf will not only be practical, but will also make you appear taller.


Whose hair doesn’t get frizzy and expansive once it becomes humid? Fight the hair drama by pulling it away from your face with a headband. For thicker hair, a wide band similar to a 1960s Brigitte Bardot will do the trick, while those with a thinner texture should opt for a sturdy plastic headband to ensure it will stay.


When it’s rainy, just say no to flip flops or heels.

It's inevitable that while you're partying it up on the Fourth, you’ll slide through and break a shoe. Now that sneakers are the latest trend, thanks to Steph Curry and Normcore, invest in a comfy, round toe pair. Plus, you can run away from rain in no time.

Summer scarf

Although it is technically summer, summer rain can still chill you out.

Instead of covering up in a parka or some other unsightly thing, a light, yet long scarf will do the trick. Opt for one that sports a bright patriotic color or go full Americana with an American flag. When the rain clears up, simply tie your scarf around your bag or waist.

Does this help you prepare for a rainy Fourthof July?

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