The Rundown

Pokemon Go is a new Virtual Reality GPS augmented smartphone game launched by Nintendo last week. The craze that started in the US has now taken the world by storm. The game, as the name suggests, is based on the Japanese cartoon franchise that became famous in the 90s. The game encourages real world exploration:Pokemon, Pokeballs,andgymsare located in various places all over in real world. The catch is that the user has to literally walk their GPS-enabled smartphone to the right place in order to catch a monster.

A Game within a game

In Inception(2010) Dom Cobb, played by Leonardo Dicaprio, has the ability to enter people's dreams and steal their secrets from their subconscious.

Pokemon Go has given the user almost the same ability to enter a battleground called 'gym' in the Pokemon Go community. One of the teams has to battle it out to claim a 'gym' with its Pokemon. The user has to reach a certain level in the game to battle inside the gym.

The craze for Pokemon Go.

The chances of someone walking past you looking deeply-engrossed on their cellphone is that he or she is looking for a Pokemon in the area. The player walking past you is probably trying to capture a Pokemon monster. Since its release last week Pokemon Go has sent players into streets and public parks.The makers of the game have turned real world tourist attractions and random places as designatedgymsand, as per the GPS augmentation, the user has to be literally close by in order to enter the gym.

New York Times reports that Pokemon Go players have taken their hunt to the streets of New York. A Twitter user from Las Vegas has capturedthe craze for the new gamethat has taken the US by storm in the following image;

Safety concerns:

A grizzly find.

In rural Wyoming a teenager's hunt for the 'water Pokemon' led to a grizzly discovery.

In the hunt for a Pokemon monster the user found a dead man's body instead, CNN reports.

Lost in translations.

Even though the makers of the game cautions users to keep aware of their surroundings the 'PoGers' (I might've just 'invented' a slang that I'd been long wanting to for the games users!) could find themselves walking right in front of an oncoming traffic while trying to cross the city streets.In New York the 'trendy' law enforcement officers have cautioned users of not 'getting lost in translations' (a quote from the titular movie starring Bill Murray) while driving (and walking) and playing the game at the same time (seeing all this worry and craze regarding the smartphone game it won't be long that a new law called the Driving Under the Influence of Pokemon Go (or DUIPG) might even come into effect).

The officers, after seeing 'the PoGers attack' in the metropolitan have soon realized the danger and risks that the virtual reality game pose on the young people. The following image is a tweet from a NYPD law enforcement officer giving a warning to the gamers;


The Guardian reports that in Australia Pokemon Go users are having server problems due to high demand for the trendy app. In another Pokemon 'incident' the Daily Mail reports that a U.S. soldier fighting ISIS has taken a screenshot of the terrorist playing Pokemon Go on the battlefield.

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