TTPM stands for “Toys, Tots, Pets and More” which is a fitting name for a respected media organization that is dedicated to sharing the latest news from the baby, toy and pet worlds. TTPM is the top-ranked resource for individuals who are seeking the best new items in these categories. In the summer of 2016, the organization announced the winners of the 2016 “Best of Baby Awards.”


The “Best of Baby Awards” celebrates the most innovative and useful products for the youngest of children. In order to decipher who was deserving of the prizes, a team of experienced experts tested over 500 items.

Winners emerged from eleven different categories and sub-categories that were separated by price point from bargain to high-end. The specific groups were as follows: Strollers, Car Seats, Portable Cribs, Diaper Bags, Bouncers, Swings, Bottles, Baby Carriers, Baby Feeding, Activity Gyms and Bath Toys.


Christopher Byrne, Content Director at TTPM, has worked in the toy industry for over thirty years covering marketing, product development, and creative incentives. Moreover, he is the author of five books focused on the toy industry including the history of toys and management practices. Recently Christopher spoke to Blasting News about his experiences working at TTPM, specifically with the Best of Baby Awards.


Blasting News (BN): When did TTPM start the “Best of Baby Awards”? Do you have other award ceremonies too?

Christopher Byrne (CB): TTPM has established awards programs for toys and pet products. Given our comparable knowledge of the baby industry, it was a natural evolution for TTPM to expand and feature the "Best of Baby Awards" for this year.

BN: There are eleven categories but multiple winners for each one based on price point. How did you decide to break it down that way?

CB: We chose the baby gear categories that new and expecting moms are researching the most online. We felt it was important to break some categories into subcategories since everyone lives on different budgets and has different priorities in selecting products.

BN: Have you ever come across a particularly incredible or innovative item?

CB: Innovations come in all categories, and sometimes it's the simplest of things like the portability of a product or a feature on a car seat that makes it easier to get the baby in and out. It's tough to call out one or two items when you see innovation in every category. And it’s important to remember that the most exciting innovations are those that make life easier for new families.

BN: What has been the most rewarding part of being involved with award ceremonies?

CB: Our goal has always been to help parents and any consumer make the best choices for their families. Today’s shoppers gather a lot of information, and we’re happy to be the source for that.

When it comes to awards, we see so many products during a year, and it’s exciting, rewarding and, we hope, helpful, to acknowledge great products and innovations from manufacturers who are often taking a risk or breaking the mold with products that make life for mom and baby better and simpler.

BN: Where do you hopeTTPMwill be in ten years?

CB: TTPM wants to continue to be the place where consumers can find the most useful information to support their research and facilitate their shopping experiences in the world of baby, toy and pet products.

BN: What advice would you give to someone who is striving to enter the toy industry?

CB: Product is king. Whatever function you want to fill in the toy industry, it’s important to understand children’s culture, child development, and the marketplace as a whole.

The toy industry is unlike any other business out there with elements of fashion, entertainment, consumer products and more. It’s a diverse and ever-changing business. We see that the most successful people in the toy business are those with a passion for toys and play and truly love what they are doing.

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