Education is more than just learning information in schoolbooks. In fact, fostering creativity and enhancing outside-the-box thinking is one surefire way to increase overall cognitive ability. A company known as The Orb Factory recognizes the importance of creative-centered projects and they have released a line of artsy playthings that promote such endeavors.The Orb Factory prides itself on being a brand that focuses on the specialty toy industry. Their crafts kits have won awards and are sold in over sixty countries across the globe.

Many of their products include small pieces and are therefore are aimed at children ages five and older--although many of the crafting sets will hold special appeal to tween girls. The Orb Factory produces artistic DIY sets that can be enjoyed by both genders, but many of their projects are more suitable for girls since they include a lot of glitz and glam like rhinestones and frilly materials.


In 2016, the company has made a special effort to market their “Mosaica” and “Sticky Mosaics” lines which teach kids about patterns and shapes via small foam square pieces that resemble mosaics.

These kits are fun for children as young as four to play with since they are fast to assemble. All the mosaic pieces have sticky backs which make it easy to attach them to paper or other surfaces--such as a foam crown, as is included in the “Butterfly Tiara” set. Although the instructions are easy to understand the overall setup is fast, the projects themselves can be quite detailed so it might take a child over an hour to complete a project.

Hence, it might be best if adults help with the construction process.


One of the slightly less intricate projects in the DIY line is the “SparkleUps” series. These crafting kits include rhinestones with sticky backs and paper templates. Essentially, the paper templates form a shape (such as a shoe, a carriage, etc.) with little color circles inside of it. When you match the rhinestones and the circles, you can bedazzle the shape and make a beautiful sticker very easily.

These sets work exactly like traditional sticker books except kids are sticking on rhinestones instead of traditional paper or vinyl stickers. The “SparkleUps” kits take very little time to complete and the final results are beautiful.


Another series of DIY projects offered by The Orb Factory are “Plush Craft” sets which enable children to decorate plush picture frames, pillows and more. These kits include detailed instructions that make it easy to follow along. Hence, they can be completed by children as young as five. The “BFF Pillow” edition is an especially nice theme for girls since it serves as both a soft pillow and a picture frame.

Once you’re done decorating the cute frame in various hues of purple fabric, you can use it to display a special photo of you and a loved one.


The Orb Factory has some truly incredible items that make wonderful projects and presents for crafty kids. Moreover, although each kit comes with detailed instructions that outline how to make a product look precisely like what is on the box, children are encouraged to use the materials to mix things up a bit and create their own unique patterns and color schemes. These items are also reasonably priced, most retail for under $20. To see their full list of wares visit their official website.

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