This strange, small fan addresses the challenges of keeping cool during the summer.The Under The Armpit Cooling Device (Waki Shita Kura) is a small, lightweight (1-ounce) gadget that clips to a sleeve and then delivers blasts of air to unsuspecting armpits with no place to hide. Created by Thanko, some wonder if the Japanese gadget maker’s real agenda might be the elimination of the need for deodorant, especially during the warmer months of the year.

How does this fan operate?

Powered by three AAA batteries, this clip-on fan can maintain a level of coolness for five to nine hours depending on which of the three available speeds are utilized.

Even longer periods of time are possible via either a connection to a personal computer or by the purchase of a separate battery pack equipped with a micro USB cable.

The armpit fan has other special features as well.

The armpit fan is also quiet and according to its creators, its buzzing activity is certain to go unnoticed in any crowd. The design is also very versatile as it can also be directed to cool other body areas, such as the chest. The procedure is simple; clip the fan onto the front of a shirt and the blast will be directed to the torso and neck areas.

Where can this fan be purchased?

The Japan Trend Shop has the Thanko Under the Armpit Cooling Device priced at US $24 per fan. Unless the consumer is a one-armed anomaly or the plan is to cool well-behaved armpits one at a time, most people will need to purchase two clip-on fans. Simple math would indicate that the cost of deodorant is far less than this weird invention, but its novel approach to beating the heat may well be worth the price.

Most assuredly, whoever buys this is likely to be the only one on his or her block to own one (or more likely, two) clip-on armpit-cooling fans.

One can only speculate how this gadget could be improved in years to come. Will it one day be able to take off and fly, transforming into a magic carpet that sails above humid and unpleasant landscapes? Who can say? The human imagination knows no bounds.

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