If you're a fan of glam, then you've probably gone online to view the many makeup tutorials that proliferate the web. There's a tutorial on everything from how to look glam to how to go goth. The latest trend is the challenge. This is where online artists do their entire face of makeup following a specific unbreakable rule. So, here is a list of the best challenge makeup artists.

The highlighter challenge

Highlighters are a makeup tool used to accent a person's best features utilizing light to draw attention to those key areas.

The problem with this makeup challenge, is that most people use makeup to cover up flaws. So how exactly do you minimize your flaws when everything is illuminated? Let Nikki of Nikki Tutorialsshow you how:

The power of makeup challenge

If you have ever been lucky enough to be on a film set and see an actual makeup artist at work, then you know the power of makeup. A good example of this is on America's Next Top Model. Some of the girls are gorgeous, but others go from average to oh my goodness with just the addition of makeup.

Then there's the case of Shalom Blac. This budding YouTube makeup artist, took the bold step of doing the power of makeup challenge. Unlike most of the artists who did this challenge, Shalom has facial scars that were a source of low self esteem when she was a child. In this video, Shalom does half of her face in makeup and half without, and the results are astounding. The best part about the video is that Shalom makes no apologies about her looks before or after makeup.

That's real beauty.

The all liquid lipstick challenge

Evelina Forsell took Nikki Tutorial's challenge to do the all liquid lipstick challenge. It's pretty self explanatory, but it involves using liquid lipstick to do eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrows, foundation, cheeks and of course lipstick. That's a lot to take on. However, Forsell accepted the challenge and the results were a gorgeous blend of red and gold.

She looked beautiful and she nailed the eye shadow portion of the look without "cheating" like Nikki Tutorials did using false eyelashes. (Actually, the video begins with Forsell wearing falsies, but when she actually does the challenge, the lashes are off.) It just goes to show you that a good makeup artist can make a masterpiece out of anything.

Bonus: Mariya Brown Smokey Eye

As an added bonus, YouTube makeup artist Mariya's channel blew up when she did the all highlighters makeup challenge. It won't be posted here because frankly her brown smokey eye makeup tutorial is where she really shined.

So here is a bonus video of Mariya doing her thing and looking fabulous:

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