Good for your mind.

People tend to be more open and social when having a dog. They spend more time outside, meet more people with similar interests and are able to make new friendships easier.Dog parents are less likely to have panic attacks and suffer from depression or general anxiety disorder, because they are forced to stay active and care for their four-legged companion. Having them around all day increases the person's Oxytocin levels, what causes them to feel better and more satisfied.Owners of any kind of pet are more friendly and smile more often.

It is hard to be sad around someone who loves us unconditionally.

Good for your health.

According to a study done by the British Journal of Health, dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and they are in a lower risk of a heart attack. Dog owners get sick less severely and less frequently than those who don't share their home with a pet.They make their owners exercise more as they have to be taken for a long walk at least once a day. There are several sports that can be practiced with a furry friend as well, such as canicross, bikejoring or agility.They can calm their people down in stressful situations.

Touching or even just looking at the dog causes the brain to release endorphin, which is known as the hormone of love. One can also forget loneliness when having a pet around.People who share their home with Animals seem to be much more resistant to allergies, especially those who grew up with indoor pets.

Better time management.

Taking responsibility for a dog's life means that one have to plan their days and their whole life around them.

They cannot be left alone for a long time as they have to be walked regularly. Dog owners can never be far from home all day, because their pets need to be cared for.It also takes more time to arrange apet-friendly holiday or to find hotels, beaches, coffeeshops or restaurants that allow dogs. Fortunately there are more and more places to choose from, mainly in bigger cities.

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