Instead of a server taking your order, you may find a tablet waiting for you instead. Many chain restaurants are adding touch-screen kiosks and mobile tablets to their eateries.

Some take orders from mobile phone apps. They feel it’s a way to cut down on long lines, time waiting for a server to take an order, and also a way to decrease workers as wages increase in this economy.

This concept also allows the patron to decide casually on their entrée without having a waitress/waiter wait on their decisions.

For the tech-inspired customers, they find this new way of taking a meal order fun and exciting. Just punch your order on the computer screen and your food will be served at your table.

Other restaurants have tablets at the table where patrons click on their favorite foods, and the meal will be served in a short wait. In the meantime, many electronic menus also have added games to amuse the kids during the waiting period.

Which restaurants are using technology so far?

Panera and Starbucks have mobile ordering apps in place.

Many McDonald’s, Chick-fill-A, and Olive Gardens have turned to tablets and mobile devices to boost sales and appeal to the younger techies.

Other full-service restaurants, such as Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s Grill & Bar, and Ruby Tuesdays have put this technology to the test.

Some towns have their chains using this service. In the future, more eateries are projected to put technology to the test.

A giant McDonald’s restaurant in the tourist area of Orlando, Florida has a row of eight kiosks at the front door, where you place an order.

After you make your selections, grab a beacon and sit down at your desired table.

This device allows the server to find you in the restaurant to deliver your meal.

Other ways mobile devices are used in restaurants

Checking out after a meal has become safer using a tabletop tablet where patrons don’t have to lose sight of their credit cards.

You sign the tablet, and a receipt is formed, some with a paper slip and others go to your smartphone.

In any case, keeping your credit card in hand cuts down on the possibility of fraudulent actions when cards are in another person’s sight.

Some table tablets are preloaded with games to amuse the patrons and especially the kids while the meal is prepared.

Keeping the children amused is an asset to the restaurant keeping noise and chaos at a low level. Other advanced tablets can even flag ingredients when a food allergy is uploaded into the device.

How do you feel about technology in the restaurant setting? Would you rather prefer person-to-person communication or are computers the new way to go?

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