We've all heard the news and statistics that kids of all ages are spending hours in front of the screen per day whether it's watching TV, playing with a smart phone, using the tablet, video games, etc. Summer is here and that means it's time to get the kids away from screen-time a bit and send them outside to play or have some playdates with other kids so they can have some imaginative play. Playing outside also means it’s the perfect time to play with water toys. Little girls will make a splash with all new toys from the Hasbro Disney Princess Ariel line.

Disney Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid dreams of exploring a new world, and her unflappable, adventurous spirit and resilience carry her through her journey.

New toys for water play.

Your little one can pretend to take Ariel on an aquatic adventure “under the sea” with the Disney Princess Spin & Swim Doll. Wind up the seashell on Ariel's back, place her in the water, flip the switch and watch as she twirls around and around!! Disney Princess Ariel also brings her best friends Flounder and Sebastian with her on her water-whirling adventure.

Sudsy adventures.

You can’t have water without bubbles, right? Go on a sudsy adventure with the new Disney Princess Bubble Tiara Ariel. All you do is pour any bubble solution (not included with doll) into the back of the doll and squeeze her skirt to form a crown of bubbles on her head! For even more foamy fun, kids can use the included wand to make multiple bubbles.

Little Kingdom.

In addition to the bigger dolls mentioned above, Hasbro also introduced a new line called Disney Princess Little Kingdom, which features smaller dolls that fit in a child’s hand.

With the Disney Princess Little Kingdom segment of dolls and playsets from Hasbro, children can build out a world of enchanted adventures. A great example is the new Disney Princess Little Kingdom Small Doll Ariel's Sea Castle Playset. Kids will love pretending that Ariel and Sebastian go on exciting adventures in this palace playground. Little ones can help Ariel down the slide or hop on the swing as they play out fun adventures.

Place Ariel in the seaweed harness, and watch her flip in and out of the water. She can splash, swing, and spin in her castle. You can also accessorize Ariel’s outfit with the included snap-in accessories.

Pretend play (non-water)

The Disney Princess Royal Simmer Ariel Doll is technically not for the water, but it is perfect for kids who wish to play out their favorite magical story moments from The Little Mermaid. Each doll is dressed in their signature colored gown with a new twist - Royal Shimmer Ariel dazzles in a signature-colored jewel-ombre gown with glitter print detailing. The outfit is removable and also comes with removable glitter shoes to match her dress.

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