App games have become one of the most popular ways to amuse oneself. From “Candy Crush” to “Pokemon GO,” app games have infused themselves into billions of people’s daily lives. One particularly well-known app producer is a company called Outfit 7 which is best known for their “Talking Tom and Friends” app franchise that features a talking cat and his posse of quirky friends. Since its launch over five years ago, the series has delighted and amused people all over the world subsequently amassing a global fan base and over 4.5 billion downloads and 5.7 YouTube views.

In the summer of 2016, Outfit 7 released “Talking Tom Gold Run,” a brand new app game which is styled in the “infinite runner” format akin to the original “Super Mario” games of the 1980s.

Running with Tom.

“Talking Tom Gold Run”immerses players with impressive graphics and intricately detailed environments. Designed with multiple incentives, the game gives players a reason to keep playing and experiencing the ongoing story as it is told through the eyes of “Talking Tom” and his gang of friends. The game begins with a robbery that requires players to run around collecting fallen gold bars whilst dodging obstacles.

As these challenges are successfully completed, rewards are collected in the form of points. Ultimately, these point rewards help the characters build their dream homes.


The game presently includes seven worlds to unlock in locations such as a beach, a city, the woods, etc. In keeping with the ever-engaging style, the dream houses are continuously updated and additional characters and running segments are added.

Hence, this app--which can be downloaded for free--is likely to keep the attention of players for an extended period of time. Moreover, the app contains social features that enable users to connect with their friends via Facebook to share scores. The graphics are vibrant and so well animated that players might feel as if they have walked into a Pixar film. That said, the bright colors, upbeat music, and continuous fast-paced movement makes it a bit difficult to get the hang of the game at first and players can expect to initially spend a good deal of time accidently running into signs and missing scores of gold bars at a time.

That said, the game is designed to allow players to re-try levels and once you have gotten into the swing of it the game is very fun and quite addictive.


Overall, “Talking Tom Gold Run” is much more advanced from a design standpoint than many other infinite runnergames specific to apps. For instance, its world is much more rounded than that of “Monsta Bounce.” Its story line is also notably more detailed than that of “Flappy Bird” and several other "runner" games that only seek to collect items without necessarily enjoying the rewards that collecting such treasures reap. Talking Tom is certainly a character that has captured the hearts of many people and via “Talking Tom Gold Run” he will likely garner many more fans in 2016.

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