Carb lovers have had a rough few years. Their favorite Italian staple has been criticized by nutritionists for being an unhealthy addition to any diet. Well now, this nutritionist may be eating their words as well as a big plate of linguine. A new study suggests that the once guilty pleasure could be a vital part of a healthy routine.

Science gives pasta diet the OK

Scientists from Italian government agencyI.R.C.C.S set out on a difficult mission to prove to the world one of their best exports is not unhealthy. Over the years, pasta has been allegedly responsible for a poor body mass index (BMI) but now that myth is being put to rest.

In the study, more than 23,000 pasta lovers were taken across Italy for a two-part experiment. The subjects first answered questions regarding their normal eating habits and recorded what they had to eat during a 24-hour period. From there, scientists collected data on height, weight, and waist-to-hip ratio in order to find out their BMI.

Pasta myth busted

After the experiment, scientists found some information that contrasted the normal diet rule that pasta will cause weight gain. What the study came to prove was that high pasta consumption was linked with lower BMIs. That being said, there are a few key points to take away before one goes to binge on ricotta stuffed shells. As is the case with many studies, this one was funded by a certain person of interest, which in this case happened to be a pasta company.

Additionally, the findings only exhibit a relation between pasta and healthy BMI and not a direct causation. That still does not negate the facts and it is entirely possible to lead a healthy life with pasta at your side. Just follow a few simple rules.

Making pasta a healthy part of a diet

While some nutritionists have made a career of vilifying pasta, many others believe there is a healthy place in lives for the Italian delicacy.

According to Dr. Keri Gans, "pasta itself isn't a poor choice." It's more about how you eat the pasta. Just as fried potatoes are much worse for you than baked potatoes, certain preparation methods of pasta could be deadly. Gans says to ditch the creamy, high-fat sauce in favor of something lighter, such as a tomatobased sauce.

Additionally, pair a pasta meal with loads of veggies and keep portion sizes on the small side (unlike Olive Garden).

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