Imagine doing extreme things all through your life. Now imagine doing extreme things without arms and legs. This does not seem possible, does it? Well, it is and I have found a motivational speaker that has done it! If you need the motivation to achieve something you think is impossible, read this article.

Meet Nick Vujicic.

Nick Vujicic, was born without arms and legs. Doctors say there is no medical reason for his birth defect. He has spent all his life overcoming obstacles that he faces every day of his life.

Yet figuring out how to live without any appendages was just part of the fight he confronted. He likewise needed to figure out how to continue experiencing the remorseless hardships a few people added to his battle.

Kids can be cruel.

"It was certainly due to the harassing that I was, as a youthful child, going on a way of discouragement and depression. My mother and father adored me and urged me to never surrender and not surrender trust. Tragically, however, due to the harassing I attempted to submit suicide at age 10," Nick said on youtube.

Kids all through his school days picked on him and bullied him, making his life harder than it already was. Kids can be cruel, and Nick is a living testimony. Also, it was at 17 years old he says that he was lead to talk and share those trials he experienced at such a youthful age.

Nick makes an unexpected friend.

Nick when in school made friends with the school janitor, and that would be the turn of his life.

"My janitor let me know, that I will be a speaker and I'm thinking something similar to you're insane. Also, following 3 months of him requesting that I address a little gathering of students, I did," said Nick in an interview on youtube. Nick grew up to become a motivational speaker like the janitor said he would.

He says in the wake of recognizing tears clearly that day, he understood that basic uplifting statements and truth can influence the lives of others and urge them to have trust.

Vujicic imparted his story to Kirby, McNiel, and Barwise middle school kids, planning to bring issues to light for hostile to tormenting month and in addition communicate something specific of consolation and would like to any youngster who might be a casualty of harassing.

Other accomplishments.

Nick through the course of his life has learned to swim, play football, and he has jumped from a plane. Nick has done more without arms and legs than most of us have done with all our limbs. Nick has authored a memoir called love without limits and runs a campaign against bullying. When asked about skydiving, Nick said in an interview: “ I enjoyed it, but I will never do it again”.

Most of us would have never even considered the notion, much less actually jumped.

In conclusion, never think you can not do something. Many of us face this every day, however, If you have been touched by Nick’s story,then the walls of those impossibilities have just crumbled. We all face struggles daily, but they do not have to bring us down. Take Nicks example and use it to overcome your struggle, and you just might find that your mountain was only a molehill.

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