Comedy and toys are two aspects of life that are centered on the concept of fun. Hence, it makes sense that LEGO Classic and the Upright Citizens’ Brigade recently partnered and held an event where LEGO bricks were used in an improv performance. The event illustrated how LEGOs can be used to spark creativity in both children and adults.


According to a recent Harris Poll study, 88% of Americans value creativity and LEGO Systems responded to this study by hosting “A Classic Night with The Upright Citizens’ Brigade.” The event was an evening of fun and hilarity where LEGO blocks served as the basis for a series of funny and unexpected improv performances.

Using LEGOs, the comedians at the event encouraged all participants to build and their creations became the foundation for improvised scenes.


Absolutely anyone can be inspired to create both games and comedic scenes by using LEGOs. In fact, the LEGO team released a series of “Building Tips” for people who are looking to recreate the magic of improv night in their own homes. Structures do not need to be detailed, start building with something simple like a tower of any height, width or color.

You can also be inspired by objects or places--for example, you can try to recreate something out of LEGO pieces and see how similar it ends up looking. Another fun way to incorporate LEGOs into games is to ask a question and then build the answer. For instance, say “What is a rose?” and then see who can build a flower fastest.


Improv comedy is a fantastic way to explore your creativity; it's also a great form of comedy that can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone.

TheUpright Citizens Brigade offers classes focusing on improv and they also host improv events throughout the year in a number of locations. To learn more, visit their official website.To learn more about LEGO, visit their official website. To watch a video of the Improv Night, YouTube search “Upright Citizens Brigade Performs LEGO Classic-inspired Improv Sketches.”

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