What is the Paleo Diet?

Millions of people around the United States need to lose weight. Various studies show that if current trends continue, over half of Americans will be obese by 2050. These stats are concerning, and it is important that people understand how to lose weight and feel great during the process. However, there are many people who believe that this dietis all fluff. The video below is a great example of the arguments made against this diet.

The Paleo diet encourages people to eat things that our caveman or cavewomen ancestors would have eaten.

This diet takes out dairy, legumes, and bread. This is a struggle for many people, simply because these things are generally a large portion of the overall American diet. There are a lot of people who are in favor of this diet. Here are a couple of general points about the overall diet.

  • Stop eating processed foods
  • Meat is not bad (Including bacon)
  • Bread is never allowed
  • Exercise regularly

Good results

One of the reasons that the Paleo diet is so popular is that it provides good results in a short period of time.

For someone who has constantly eaten sugar and processed foods, eliminating these foods results in an elimination of general bloat around the stomach area. This is why so many people can say that they feel so much better after just a couple of weeks. There are other immediate results that you will feel after pulling out bad foods.

  • Better mental clarity
  • More physical energy
  • Higher libido

Many people love feeling young again, and the processed foods that we eat today result in a lower overall level of health for everyone.

Over time, switching to more natural meat and vegetables is a great way to increase your levels of health and lose weight.

Grass fed beef

One concern that many people have is eating too much meat in the diet. There are a lot of studies that show that meat can cause cancer or other health issues. However, when looking at the health of Paleo people, there were low numbers of disease. In fact, the average life expectancy for people during this period was much higher than when grains were introduced into the food supply.

Grains are not necessarily terrible for you, but there are so many reasons to remove them from your diet. Eating a lot of glucose will increase your overall blood glucose levels, and eating things low in glucose helps to balance energy levels over time.

If you are going to eat a lot of meat, grass feed beef is the way to go. Not only is it better from an overall healthy perspective, but it also is better for the environment.

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