eWhat do you do when you want a Barbie, but she looks nothing like you? For Marcus Montgomery, it becomes a project that takes things literally out of the box.

A Barbie like me?

Both Marcus and his wife Lisette Titre-Montgomery are a happy married couple who happen to be both game developers. Lisette was super excited to hear that Mattel, the maker of Barbie, was releasing a doll who worked as a game developer. This career move is just one of the many jobs Barbie has held, with her first being a fashion designer in 1960.

However, once Lisette saw the doll, she was a bit disappointed. Lisette is of African American heritage with dark red hair, while the Barbie was Caucasian with red and brown hair.

Lisette went on and bought the doll, because according to what the husband told Buzzfeed, it was “better to have a Game Developer Barbie than not have one at all.”

Instead of keeping the doll as it was, Marcus decided to help his wife out by purchasing an African American Barbie with curly hair. He then swapped the outfits and created his own “Game Developer Barbie.” Next, he placed the doll in the original box and gave it to his wife for her birthday. According to Buzzfeed, Lisette was “totally surprised.”

All dolled up

This unique gift is not only a sweet gesture from husband to wife, but it also reflects the importance of representation. Both Marcus and Lisette are advocates for more diversity in the game developing field.

Marcus created the website WeAreGameDevs.com, while Lisette has been featured on the website Black Girl Nerds and regularly advocates for more minority female faces in tech.

Although they missed the note with their Game Developer doll, Mattel has tried to expand and diversify their product’s look. Now customers can purchase dollsthat vary in body size, height, and skin color, and there is more of an emphasis on careers more than ever.

Barbie now can be a nurse in scrubs, a doctor, and even a film director doll for creative children. By embracingdiversity and strong female roles, it appears Barbie will be around for years to come.

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