After YouTube content creator Cristine Rotenberg, known to viewers as "SimplyNailogical,"painted her nails over 100 times in one sitting, it soon became a crazy trend. Now, there are countless creators making videos where they add hundreds of layers of whatever they can think of to go along with the trend.

The start of the 100 layers trend

Rotenberg named the trend "#PolishMountain," and encouraged viewers to take on the challenge. In her initial video, which has over 15 million views, she actually took on the challenge twice, due to a mishap of not letting the polish dry.

She then started over, and finished her #PolishMountain with 116 coats of nail polish. Then,Rotenberg took on the challenge again when she added 107 coatsof clear polish, just to see how it would look. This video has since gained over 7 million views.

There are others who conquered #PolishMountain

Beside Rotenberg's two quests to #PolishMountain, she has had others take on her challenge. Natalie Alzate, known as YouTube vlogger "NataliesOutlet", took on the challenge with her boyfriend. In her video, she added fake nails to her boyfriend, as well as 256 layers of nail polish.

Their video gained over 4 million views.

Others have added their own twist to #PolishMountain by using gel polish, acrylic powder, fake nails, and even gelatin, in an effort to make it edible. The trend doesn't end, and there are many twists and turns that come with it.So far, the most amount of layers of polish that have been painted on are 420 coats by YouTube user, "Annachandless."

Who else took on the 100 layers challenge?

Josefin Lillankas, known on YouTube as "Jeely," put on 100 layers of foundation, which has reached over 7 million views.

Many users commented with concerns saying Jeely's skin would break out due to all the foundation, and she retaliated with a new video titled, "100 LAYERS OF FACE MASK." She also put on 100 coats of mascara, which reached nearly 800,000 views.

Jenna Mourey, also known as "JennaMarbles," took on the ultimate challenge of adding 100 coats of pretty much anything, which has reached almost 8 million views.

In the video, she added a hundred layers of foundation, liquid lipstick,glitter nail polish, spray tan, hairspray, and fake eyelashes.

Alissa Ashley brushed 100 layers of highlighter on her face, which has amassed one million views. Stephanie Lange also took on the challenge of 100 layers of fake tan, with over a million views.Mayra Garcia, also known as MayraTouchOfGlam, added 100 coats of liquid lipstick to her lips, which reached over 12 million views.

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