What do Staples Canada, Kris Jenner, and jewelry have in common? A hilarious social media moment when our favorite office supplies company northern branch proves it has a sense of humor and thinks just like the rest of us.

The necklace

On June 28th, Kris Jenner announced the release of her collection. The Kardashians have a history of releasing wildly successful products, whether it's Kim Kardashian-West's app, Kendall and Kylie's fashion collaboration, or Kylie's consistently sold out Lip Kits. Kris Jenner, being the mother of this family of moguls and business women, shared her jewelry designs on the Debut Network's site.

The collection includes four different necklaces, including the "Signature Collection Elegance Pearl Necklace" which consists of eight man made "organic" pearls connected by a series of silver clips with "diamond cut finish for a sparkling dimension". The price for Kris Jenner's Signature Elegance Necklace? $175.

The problem

However, social media had a field day with the release. Looking closely at the necklace and it will appear as if the necklace was crafted from a very familiar office supply: the paper clip. And people were too happy to point that out on Twitter. A few users noted, in various colorful and hilarious ways, that paying almost $200 for the what appears to be paper clips attached to fake pearl beads is too steep of a price, even for Kardashian/Jenner fans.

One Twitter user suggested that the necklace was created by Jenner's granddaughter, North West.

The response

Staples Canada, in perfect and well timed fun, added their opinion of the fashion accessory. The brand tagged Kris Jenner and her paper clip like necklace and captioned it by saying "Also available in aisle 7.

#ThinkStaples." Is that smoke I smell, because that was definitely a burn!

This wouldn't be the first time the Kardashian/Jenner's failed at a business venture. Smooch (their children's clothing line) Khloe and Lamar's fragrances, Kim's singing career, Khloe's talk and radio shows, and even Kris' own tv show all bombed.

Looks like the paper clip necklace may soon follow. No response yet from the Kardashian/Jenner camp about the Staples tweet.

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