There are quite a lot of reactions that occur in our mental processes when we check others on social media posting their selfies. Social mediahave connected us and it is also disconnecting us from us. What is particularly wrong with selfies and why should you be worried about their impacts on the individual? Some impacts are subconsciously manifested, either to those who check and to those who post their pictures.

Impact of selfies

The many ‘likes’ a friend receives after posting his or her pictures on Facebook or Instagram against the very few ‘likes’ you receive could make you think you are not as popular or not as beautiful.

This could generate into low self-esteem and depression especially among singles and those who have had broken relationships. Others could become envious, jealous or may lose their sense of gratitude and experience mood swings.

Watching others excel online could also lead to a feeling of shame and guilt.Selfies mean different things to different people. Selfies to some, comes from a feeling of pride, Machismo (in men), liberty or independence, as symbol of feminism in women, beauty and success. However, selfies can, in turn, be a tool for self-deception, impression management and a show of strength, especially when we succeed.

It could also mean you have out-shone your perceived competitors.

How do selfies harm relationships?

For so many youths, taking selfies is the effect of the bandwagon caused by the social media revolution and the availability of smart phones that are becoming cheaper and affordable.Selfies are to some, powerful tools for business. They serve as a platform for promoting self-image, showcasing religious orientation and disposition to issues.

They could also be avenues to display our youthful freedom and excesses.

Married men are known to be infatuated by the selfies of other women and same applies to the female folk. It is unknown how many relationships are being affected by the impact of the selfie-craze on the Internet.Scandals had been a major consequence of posting selfies, while nudity is also a common phenomenon, especially for prostitutes.

Some folks take selfies due to isolation and loneliness while those who check, do it to while away their idleness. It is not impossible that selfies may have resulted in suicide or an attempt to commit suicide. The Internethas been a blessing to humanity, why should it be a curse?

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