Gigi Hadid's modeling career has catapulted her into the stratosphere of fame and fortune. She is a global fashion icon and her high-profile standing and iconic status has transformed her into one of the most desirable people in the world. The 'supermodel' gap that Kate Moss had left behind has surely, and 'rightly', been filled. One of our own Blasters Barry Lansbury has this to say about the style icon; "everyone’s new favorite model,Gigi Hadid, has completely blown our hearts away with her adorable baby face".Taylor Swift's 'girl squad' would not be complete without Gigi Hadid being part of her 'power-girls-only' club.Taylor Swift had even thrown a birthday party for Gigi Hadid on a private jet (Please refer to the image attached).

The supermodel's importance and influence in the fashion industry can be summed up in the following images that she had tweeted herself;

High society: Gigi Hadid and her influential links.

The Gigi squad.

The original supermodels.

The term 'supermodel' was first coined in the 1940s, although it did not come into popular use until the early 1990s.

In modern times, however, the fashion industry was run bythe supermodels who had started-it-all; (in no particular order) Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss (the supermodel had been at the top for 25 years until Gigi Hadid came into the scene). Few models who had become close to 'overthrowing' Queen Moss from her throne is Karlie Kloss, Irina Shayk, Jordan Dunn and Cara Delevingne.

What does it take to be a supermodel?

When you're world-famous and the girl-of-the- moment - the IT girl - you're always in the limelight.Every 'wannabe' supermodel seems to feel the need of being BFFs with Gigi Hadid (any guesses?). According to one of 'the original supermodel' Claudia Schiffer, “In order to become a supermodel one must be on all the covers all over the world at the same time so that people can recognize the girls...That is, for now, not possible, not least because the advertising industry is very much taken nowadays by pop stars and actresses.

Supermodels like we once were don't exist any more." Gigi Hadid proves Claudia Schiffer's theory right with her ubiquitous quality of being 'on all covers of the magazine all over the world at the same time' and proves her wrong at the same time about the theory that 'the advertising industry is taken by pop stars and actresses'. The only platform where Gigi Hadid has not yet been seen at is in the Hollywood movies.

Gigi Hadid: the supermodel

The following GIF is from the "How deep is your love" hit song that features Gigi Hadid. She shared it on her Twitter handle;

When Gigi Hadid was in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, the party town of choice for nightlife and gambling.

The city is famous for its extravagance lifestyle. A suite at the grand Bellagio (my favorite) can cost more $1500 a night and a bottle of Grey Goose can cost $600 in a nightclub. The fashionista Gigi Hadid was in Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday. She had painted the town red with her own squad with lavish birthday celebrations. It has become a 'must stop' for Celebrities like Gigi Hadid (and people who can afford it) to celebrate any occasion in Las Vegas.

The nightclub: Intrigue.

The "How deep is your love" supermodel partied hard with her now on-and-off boyfriend Zayn Malik at one of the most famous nightclubs in Las Vegas calledIntrigue. Her girl squad was also there to join the celebrations.

She had been posting about her trip and birthday celebrations on her Snapchat as well as Instagram on a daily basis. They seemed to be enjoying bottles of Belvedere vodka as Gigi posted a picture on her Instagram account showing three vodka bottles one of which was specially inscribed with her name. She had captioned the picture simply as 21. Oh yeah, Gig Hadid was born on April 23 in case I forget to mention it like at all.

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