It would seem the new Ghostbusters can’t get out of its own way. As mentioned earlier, pre-opening reactions by the stars, director and Sony executives over early criticism, especially over an all-female cast, may have cost the movie a better opening weekend, and a recent lashing out by one of the films’ executive producers, and original Ghostbuster cannot have helped.

Racist Tweets.

Ghostbusters star and SNL featured player, (who should be promoted to starting line-up this upcoming season) Leslie Jones became a target of a mass of mean-spirited and outright racist tweets following the film’s opening.

Coming to her defense was one of the film’s executive producers and original Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd. Now it makes a great deal of sense for Mr. Aykroyd to defend Ms. Jones since he has a great deal of skin in the game when it comes to the films’ success. The way he went about it, however, may have hurt more than it helped.

An original Ghostbuster responds.

In commenting on the trolls on Twitter he said in an interview with ET Canada” I would say you’re looking at obese white men between 50 and 60 who are active Klan members or members of the Aryan Nation…”, which may or may not have a kernel of truth to it.

But he wasn’t finished,” I’m afraid to say that that contingency will be voting for the Republican ticket, pretty much that’s what the statistics are indicating, that there’s a lot of white racist hatred out there that’s going to channel into a support for the Republican ticket, maybe in the false belief that these people share their views.”


Now calling Ms. Jones critics KKK members would seem a somewhat logical reaction to the hate filled messages directed at her, but attaching that to roughly half the voting population of the US is a bit much, and as with the pre-opening reactions will more than likely have a less than positive result on the movie’s box office.

Had Mr. Aykroyd simply defended Leslie Jones and praised her performance, which is quite funny and not as over the top as some critics have said, many would have given him a pat on the back. But by attaching a nasty, and extremely unnecessary and unprovable political point that insults a good chunk of the US movie going public, Dan Aykroyd may have added another obstacle to a movie that may struggle to break even.

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