Let’s just admit it, Chrissy Teigen is awesome. Not only is she gorgeous and a fashion model, but she’s not afraid to make fun of herself. She’s married to her best friend and has an adorable baby, plus she isn’t afraid to voice her opinion. Another great aspect about Chrissy is her great style. Now that she is a doting mom, her fashion sense is a blend of Cali girl paired with classic and clean lines.

Here are five ways to steal Chrissy Teigen’s style and make it your own.


Since entering the public eye, Chrissy has always had great hair.

Her signature style is an ombré color, going from dark to blonde, in flowing waves around her face. When not wearing it in stylish boho waves, Chrissy also ties a bit of hair into a top knot style for a casual and fun look.


When trying to class up an outfit, take a look at how Chrissy sports a blazer. The model turned Instagram star always shows some skin when wearing a blazer. Some of her top choices include a lace cami or shorts.

The right color

Every style icon understands the importance of complementary colors.

For Chrissy,it’s all about wearing bright whites with muted tones. These colors embrace the nude colors that have been spreading about in LA fashion, thanks Kanye, but she adds a bright color to reflect her shining personality.

Flowy + tight = fabulous

Another important factor about an outfit is shape. Chrissy tends to pair a top with a ruffle hem or loose coat over something tighter in order to balance the look.

This is a great idea when trying to make an outfit more interesting or when wanting a bit of texture. For real life, opt for a ruffled top or full skirt, and then pair with a form fitting top or pant.

Naturally chic

In order to balance out the coloring of her outfits, Chrissy embraces muted and nude tones for her makeup. She then adds a bit of highlighter and a touch of color that is usually on the cheeks or lips.

However, when out and about with her family, she’s more likely to rock her natural beauty, sans makeup.

Love Chrissy’s style or does it fall flat? Comment and share!

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