With NASA's Juno reaching Jupiter this past 4th of July weekend and Elon Musk planning to colonize Mars, it appears Space is on the mind of everyone. Even the fashion crowd has embraced the recent trend in space flight with embracement galaxy prints, techy fabrics, and even spacesuits. Primarily a male fashion trend, spacesuits have appeared on the cover of Teen Vogue and even are available for purchase on retail sites.

A new space age trend?

As discovered by Mashable.com in the article, “Looking For A Hot New Look? Try Wearing A Spacesuit,” this trend in space suit was first spotted in OneDirection’s music video, “Drag Me Down,” where all of the band members sported the iconic orange jumpsuit.

A similar, NASA-approved suit can be found at the online website, Alpha Industries.com on sale for a cool $59.99. Alpha Industries began as a contractor to the United States military, but now sells wares to an international audience.Its bright color will help its wearer stick out in a crowd, but it may not be totally appropriate for the street. But, fashion never bends to rules. For aspiring or novice astronauts, this is a pretty affordable way to travel to the moon in style.

Normcore in Space?

Jumpsuits have been en vogue for women’s fashion for years, but there’s been a lack of options for men. In its article, Mashable.com notes the Adidas Y-3 spacesuit, a stylish all-black outfitthat is made from advanced fabrics and technologies.

Although made specifically for Virgin Galactic and only a prototype, the silhouette looks more streetwear than moon wear. The Adidas Y-3 space suit is forgoing the usual bulky style for something much more sleeker, whichrecalls theanti-fashion style normcore.

There are a number of non-tech, utilitarian jumpsuits available at high-end retailers, but there is yet a space-approved jumpsuit.

As long as there’s a lack of space worthy jumpsuits, it appears the spacesuit is the next best thing. It’s time to take fashion to the moon!

Are you willing to sport this out of the world trend or is it worse than moon cheese? Comment and share!

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