Games are a great way to learn and play at the same time. Dr. Panda is a beloved brand of children’s apps that understand the value of combining learning with fun. This brand offers numerous open-play games which take place in various locations. To date, the franchise has released apps -- which run on both Android and iOS -- that involve themes such as race tracks, a school, and, most recently, a farm. Although the series’ main character is “Dr. Panda” the games usually give players the option to control several characters.

Thus, these games allow kids toexplore everyday situations in a safe and playful environment and, thereby, strengthen their imaginative capabilities.

Blending learning and fun

Every game produced by Dr. Panda contains content that is slightly educational and entirely appropriate for children without any in-app purchases or third-party advertising. In fact, these beautifully illustrated, colorful, and cheerful apps will likely hold appeal for a very broad age range. During an interview, LinYan, the Co-founder and Executive Producer of the popular franchise, stated: “Our company started in 2012 and we chose a panda as our main character because we are based in Chengdu, China, which is the home of giant pandas who are known to be cute and cuddly.

Since the mission of our company is to help kids to learn about the world via our games, we added a doctorial hat to the character to stress the learning perspective, and so our panda became Dr. Panda.”

Going to the farm

In July of 2016, the company released their newest app game edition titled “Dr. Panda Farm” which allows kids to role-play life as a farmer. In this installment of the popular series, players are able to care for farm animals, learn where local food comes from and more.

Like most of the apps in the line “Dr. Panda Farm” is designed to be extremely interactive and users can make things happen simply by tapping on certain icons. For instance, it is possible to grow stalks by tapping certain icons and then turn the wheat into flour by making a windmill spin. When you opt to change scenes, the screen appears to turn a page as if the game was a storybook which is a nice touch to the overall whimsy nature of the app.“Dr.

Panda Farm” is as brightly and richly illustrated as the other offerings in the series and the music and sound effects are lovely. However, this particular offering lacks the same free-for-all game play that many of the other editions have. For example, you cannot go anywhere you want in this app, instead you must unlock levels through earning points…but considering that there is no dialogue in the “Dr. Panda” universe it can be very difficult to understand exactly what needs to be accomplished in order to earn points. Hence, you will likely spend a lot of time replaying the same action without reward which can quickly become frustrating.

Final thoughts

Setting a children’s app game on a farm is a nice idea but it is unfortunate that this farm theme does not feature purely open-play on the same level as many of the other apps in the franchise. If your child is a fan of “Dr. Panda” then it is worth getting this app for them to play with and form their own opinions about. However, if they are being introduced to the line for the first time it is better to start with “Dr. Panda School” or “Dr. Panda Racing.” Theseapps usually retail for about $2.99 and are available globally. To learn more, visit their official website.

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