Coconut oil is by far the most versatile product in my pantry. From edible characteristics to natural healing properties, this fruit has no shortage of benefits. So why is the divine liquid so good for you anyway? Coconut oil contains fatty acids which promote good #Health.

It is a great substitute for Butter.

Many recipes require butter - adding saturated fat and salt. Virgin coconut oil can serve as a healthier blend of fatty acids, and is a nice alternative for many baking recipes

Your skin loves it.

Sometimes I will use the coconut instead of lotion. I love the smell and it makes my skin look radiant  It is also said to be useful as a sunscreen, blocking 20% of the sun's ultra-violet rays.

Have a pain or an itch? It contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Oil swishing is an alternative to mouthwash.

Oil swishing originated in India. It is the process of swishing around oil in your mouth.  Oil swishing is said to improve oral and systematic health by pulling out toxins

You can put it in your hair.

Enjoy some amazing healing properties for split ends and deep conditioning. Try heating up a bowl, massaging it into your scalp and leaving it on for thirty minutes. Or, use a light amount and leave in as a conditioner for a healthy shine.

You can put it on your face.

Many skin types have benefitted from the extra moisture. With that being said, all skin types are different, so don't overdue it. 

Cats love it.

My cat has asthma and sometimes gets a harsh cough. We give him a very tiny amount, and he absolutely loves it.

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It also helps eliminate chin acne, and can be good for their furry coats.

Tastes great in coffee.

Add a hint of the tropical flavor to coffee, smoothies, or tea.

Lose weight.

While harmful if is consumed in large amounts, 2 tablespoons a day has been proven to increase metabolism in men and decrease waist size in women.

It can remove stains.

A combination of one part baking soda and one part coconut oil can rid stains on carpet and furniture.

Remove eye makeup.

Out of Neutrogena wipes? Yeah, me too. Coconut oil is a great way to keep you clean without the extra cost.