The giant cobra watching over the Egypt section of Busch Gardens Tampa may look menacing, but he's there to draw riders to the park's newest roller coaster, Cobra's Curse. The ride debuted last month as a unique addition to the Busch Gardens coaster collection. In addition to turns and drops, it takes guests for a literal spin via its special cars.

A special kind of roller coaster

The Cobra's Curse ride cars spin freely on certain parts of the track. At 70 feet, it doesn't have the intimidating height factor of SheiKra, one of the park's other rides, but it has its own set of thrills. In addition to the spinning, the ride has an elevator-style lift and goes backwards as well as forwards, making in an impressive addition to Busch Gardens Tampa.

You can see what it's like to take a ride in the video below:

While the ride experience itself is impressive, the newest roller coaster in Tampa is also packed with little details, which you can learn about from Brian Morrow, vice president of theme park experiences design:

For a ride of this caliber, it takes a long time to get from the initial design to actually putting it together. Jeff Hornick, Design and Engineering Director, revealed that it took three years for Cobra's Curse to come to life:

Beware of Snakes

The massive Snake King statue isn't the only serpent watching over Cobra's Curse. In addition to the rides, Busch Gardens Tampa is known for its animals, and a collection of venomous snakes is the newest addition to the park's wildlife.

Assistant Curator Philip Hillary talked about the scaly critters at the grand opening:

Even though Busch Gardens Tampa has seven roller coasters, Cobra's Curse is the current crowd draw because it's new. It's easy to get to the park from Orlando and the Disney attraction area via I-4 west. Arrive early, then go right to it when you get to the park to avoid long lines that spring up later.

Once you've experienced the spin, you can enjoy the park's other coasters, rides and animal habitats for the rest of the day.

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