How helpful are natural home remedies for drying the postnasal drip? and how long will it take to avoid these unpleasant symptoms? This article contains some useful suggestions.

Warm water.

Using a mixture of one heapedteaspoonful of salt to a pint of warm water (shake well), lean your head forward over a basin of water and spray the mixture into each nostril five to ten times with a rubber eye syringe. Water will run into each nostril and out the other. Make sure that the nozzle of the syringe is well up the nostril opening to causedrainage and removal of mucus.


Meals and drink are important factors when overcoming acidosis. Acidosis is associated with heartburn. If you are suffering from acidosis. Then read these tips and start getting better. You can avoid suffering by just following simple steps that use just natural remedies found in your home.Heartburn usually happens from twenty to sixty minutes after a meal, resulting from the kind of food you eat and drink. Condiments of all kinds and over-indulgence in coffee are contributing factors.Acidosis will yield to peppermint, papaya, and pectin.

Eat plenty of apples and drink all the pure apple juice you can. Vitamin C is very helpful too. Fast for a few days and get a thorough rest as this generally, helps the problem. Relax fully at mealtime, don’t overeat, and for gratifying relief subsist mostly on dairy products.


Effective suggestions for a backache are aimed mainly at those people who have reached middle age. Here are some suggestions by prominent orthopedic surgeons on how to protect your back.

  • Learn to sit in a straight-back chair,
  • use a footrest whenever you can,
  • cross your knees when sitting,
  • use a hard seat when driving,
  • avoid lifting heavy objects,
  • use a firm bed and firm mattress for sleeping and
  • take a hot shower for the sore area.

Massages and chiropractic treatments are very effective.

These important recommendations and natural home remedies should help you to overcome these problems.

Remember that you must first take care about what you eat and drink. Sometimes we want remedies do the best for us, but the key is you.It is also recommended that people stay at home at night when is cold.

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