Good morning reality

You wake up in the morning and look yourself in the mirror. Obviously you want to clean yourself up to start the day, but the question here is: do I want to start my day? Do I want to be here on this earth? Am I happy? The last question, those three words sum it all up for how you want to live today. Am I happy? Am I content with myself or do I have everything I need in my life right now? You get to that part in your life of being lonely and being needy where you think you need someone to be in a relationship.

That’s because you see someone else being happy and you think that will make you happy as well. To be honest, being in a relationship, sometimes doesn’t bring happiness.

Truth is you need to find happiness within yourself

Do an activity you love.There are many things that pursuing our interests can do for us. By constantly doing something you love, that can give you balance in your life and that also gives you energy.

Exercisefor a healthy lifestyle.If you’re not happy with your body, you can exercise so that your endorphins can work to release stress and bring positive effects into your body.

Trust me, losing a few pounds on your body can bring joy, as well as an overall more satisfied sense of self.

Laughter for yourself.Who doesn’t love to laugh? Laughter brings appreciation in yourself and brings intimacy with those around you. When you laugh for a long time, you can get a sense of self that you’re having fun and relieve stress at the same time.

Get up and dance.You listen to a catchy song.

So why not jam, sing, and dance to that song? Just get your body on the move and have it fly high with the song. There’s nothing wrong with shaking your booty when you need a little pick-me-up.

Learn to be yourself.This is the key point of your happiness. Being content and loving yourself unconditionally. Make yourself stand out and to show off how you’re different from others.

Be free

Happiness is an emotional state we have in our spirits and we need to have this in order to be happy with our lives.

Please be yourself today and learn to have happiness.

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