The craziest new trend

Beauty is a topic that changes constantly, the definition of beauty 100 years ago being completely different to what’s considered to be beautiful now. Nowadays women spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a year on beauty related products. It has become such a trending topic, in a way that there are hundreds of so-called beauty vloggers that spend countless amount of time creating videos to post on #YouTube. Young girls, and even older women go online to find tutorials that help them create the most flawless looks, as well as to see reviews of products they’re interested in purchasing.

One of the most important aspects of beauty, though, are a women’s nails.

One can tell alot about the girl by looking at the aspect of their nails. This is why it’s so shocking to see the newest craze going around the web, 100 layer nails.

Yeah, you read right. Vloggers are recording videos of them painting over 100 layers of different color nail polishes on their nails, seeing it more as a challenge than something to do with aesthetics. However, many viewers find this trend as a way to express themselves, to be different.

The start of the craze

The whole thing started when vlogger Christine Rotenbertg decided to upload a video in which she applied a bizare total of 116 layers of nail polish to reveal this giant mountain of color popping from her fingers. This took her many hours to achieve, but it was all worth it because in the end she got more than 8 millions views on that single video.

Top Videos of the Day

Now, girls around the globe are submitting images and videos of them following this trend and showing how it’s okay to express yourself every once in while. The real question is, though, will it really become a thing? There are many pros and cons to the subject, but to be honest, why would a woman be walking around with such a mound of nail polish plastered on her nails?

Beautycon, a three day event in which beauty vloggers get together to meet fans and attend pannels (just like Vidcon, but for beauty) is the perfect event to find out if vloggers are actually following the nail trend or simply recording the videos as a challenge. #Shopping