Several years ago, I had a conversation with a woman about something going on in our community. She had lots to say about it and then informed me that she had opinions about everything.

After we parted I thought, “what a lot of energy it must require to have opinions about everything.” I decided right then that my energies were best used for more productive and important purposes, those that actually matter to my life.

Save your energy

So here is one way that you can be happier right now. It’s simple but not easy because you actually have to examine your thought life. It might even require you to be diligent about it for a while until you change your habits.

Stop having opinions about everything that crosses your path. No one cares about your opinions most of the time anyway since we’re all more interested in our own. So if the subject is not important to you, don’t even bother having an opinion about it.

What if someone asks what you think? Tell them that you have no opinion on the subject. It’s as simple as that.

Stay cool

Another simple way to be happier right now is to stop getting upset. Self-control is a virtue worth developing because it really does make your life easier. If you don’t have an opinion about something, you can just as easily stop letting it bother you.

Let me give you an example. You’re trying to find a parking spot at your local grocery store and as you cruise around, a woman gets out of her car and walks in front of you.

Of course, you stop. But do you have to get upset?

If you don’t already have a set opinion about how everyone should behave in a parking lot, then you won’t see her actions as transgressing your rules. Even if she does step into your path, you get to choose whether you put your foot on the brake in anger, or just put your foot on the brake.

Your emotional response it totally up to you. Choose to let it go, and you will be happier.

Turn off the media

We live in a plugged-in culture where News (nearly always bad) comes at us all day. Think about this: does knowing what’s happening in Afghanistan, or South Africa, or Berlin today make your life better?

Do you need to hear the same bad news eight times each day? Perhaps you like to be informed, or need to for your work, but I can guarantee that hearing the same news over and over will not enhance your happiness. Once a day is probably plenty.

It’s in your hands

Happiness is a matter of making choices, not only by controlling your emotions, but also by choosing what comes into your life daily.

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