Is your food genetically modified? Probably. In fact if you live in the United States you most likely are eating food that is.I’m not talking about how farmers have been seeding the best traits together over time to create bigger fruits and veggies. I’m talking about the introduction of other genetic crap that wouldn’t have ever been produced by nature.

When you eat GMO food

70% of food on US store shelves is GMO. Basic ingredients like corn starch and soy protein. While your meat itself isn’t yet GMO (it’s coming though as it's currently in testing phase) the feed fed to the animals you consume likely is.Only a couple fruits and veggies thus far are affected.

Papaya, zucchini, squash, and alfalfa, sweet corn are the main culprits. Milk is another one you might not think about. Although GMO milk for human consumption is banned in most countries, it’s still allowed in the states. In addition, at least 40% of your ice cream, cheese, and other dairy products are GMO.


Labels that say ‘all natural’ could still be GMO as there are no specific rules about what constitutes a natural food.Foods that are likely NOT GMO; Potatoes are one. They used to be grown by McDonalds but they buckled under pressure and use normal potatoes again. Seedless watermelon is safe. Rice is still safe for now, but that’s probably going to change really soon. Anything truly organic is also safe.

Is it safe?

US companies swear that GMO food is safe to consume, but many other countries disagree and have banned the modifications to many foods. GMO’s are also incredibly unsafe for the environment. Most GMO companies engineer the food to be resistant to pesticides so farmers can lose less of their crops when killing weeds, however this has made weeds become more resistant to the chemicals which in turn causes farmers to use more and more pesticides, toxic levels in some cases even.But if it's so safe, why do 100% of these GMO companies lobby to not be required to label foods as GMO?

In fact one big reason why the TTIP hasn't been accepted in Europe is because of the predominance of GMO foods in the states.

Unless your food is proven organic, or all you eat is meat and nothing else, you are likely eating modified foods. Many countries outside North America believe GMO’s are unsafe to eat, especially over the long term.

With so much opposition, are you really sure you’re safe?

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