Here is the truth about exercising - if you wish to get back your flat tummy, you need to do a lot of it. A lot of hyped-up dietary marketers may not agree with this concept, but this is the truth of it. The quicker you accept this reality, the faster you can reduce the extra calories and get the perfect shape you desire. It feels quite awkward indeed when people make fun of your shape and extra flabby belly. The best part of exercising is that it is never too late! There are many enjoyable ways to lose weight without making it to the gym for the whole day.


653 calories per hour- Whoa that's a massive amount!

Yes, the ideology of swimming is very simple, and it effectively burns a lot of calories. The best part is that you do not sweat out because you are under the water. Swimming rapidly works on the full body and gets you prepared for burning off calories at the get-go. Just one round of swimming will make you feel the difference in your fitness levels ! So why to wait? Jump into the pool now.


If you are suffering from cardiovascular problems, then there can be nothing better than riding a bike. An efficient ride can reduce up to 508 calories of fat in an hour. Breezing past the traffic is a super-awesome and exciting way to bike. The best part of cycling is that it is a competitive sport, and you can engage in a little competition to motivate you.

You can also enjoy music while biking with the help of a phone holder. The competitive spirit will engage you with a thirst to do more and will make the span of reducing weight much shorter.


The effect of Jogging is one of the best on the list of full body workouts. You only need a pair of running shoes.

435 calories per hour are what you can get off if you plan a proper jogging exercise for a while! It has a high rate of influence over the body and the benefits are:

  1. Boost your metabolic Rate
  2. Increase your fitness levels
  3. Helps youlose unwanted fat.

The more you jog around, the more you lose fat. It is hard on your knees so the slower you progress, the better.

Aerobic Exercise.

Aerobic Exercise is one of the best things you can do to get yourself fit. If you do not want to run or cycle around then a single session of aerobic exercise can burn up to 399 calories in an hour. If it is not possible to doan hour of training every day, you can still maintain regulartraining with different aerobic workouts. However, to figure out whether you are doing the correct program or not, may take the help of a trainer. The more time you spend doing aerobic exercises, the more weight-loss. But you must remember one thing - losing weight will take time, and it won't come in a flash.


Though, the lowest on the list, a lot of people do know the health benefits of dancing, not only for the passion and the peace of mind.

You will be shocked to learn that dancing wipes off 254 calories per hour. It is an excellent way to raise your heartbeat and catch the intensity to get yourself much more flexible. There are many dance forms which attract people, and indeed, there are no restrictions to which way yo prefer to dance. So why to wait for- just turn on the music and fleet your feet.

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