When it comes to drinks at Starbucks, they have a secret menu that people don't even know what is on, and you have to ask for them. One of these things is the new pink drink that everyone is sharing all over social networks. This drink looks amazing with strawberries in it, but you may not know what to order when you go in. Here is what you can get at Starbucks if you want to try the pink drink. It is going to become a new favorite once you try it.

What is in the new viral drink from Starbucks?

If you want to order off the secret menu, then you have to tell them what you want in the drink and not just the name of it.

You will want to order this drink by telling them the ingredients. You order aStrawberry Acai Refresher with no water, but coconut milk instead. You can have strawberries in it or add blueberries or something instead. You will have to request them as well. This used to be something they were not used to getting ordered all the time, but now that this drink is going viral, your local Starbucks will have an idea of what you are talking about when you order it.

What does it taste like?

The pink drink has been described as tasting like a pink starburst. This is a very refreshing drink for summer and perfect to replace a coffee for the day. It is described as refreshing. This really does sound like the perfect thing to check out this summer.

There are so many options from the Starbucks secret menu that you can check out. They have a red velvet frappucino, gingerbread eggnog chai and so much more. Just search the Internet and you will find some amazing drinks that you can try the next time you are out for a drink at your local Starbucks.

You can also try your own ideas and they will be glad to make it for you if you ask for it.

What do you think of the pink drink from Starbucks? Are you enjoying ordering off the secret menu? This drink looks like it belongs in Hawaii. Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and make sure you check out the pink drink at Starbucks.

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