The lipstick style of the moment is matte and everyone wants that chic colorful, shine less style. Kylie Jenner has produced some of the best selling matte lip colors to date.

The Problem

However, not everyone is a happy customer. The problem with these kits, other than the dozens of complaints that the products do not live up to their $29 price tag, is that they are only released every so often, created in a number of quantities, and usually announced on her app, which costs an additional $3.Seems like a lot of trouble for a lipstick shade and corresponding lip pencil (no shade, pun intended).Fortunately, a quick search of Google will show the literally hundreds of dupes (or similar products) as the Kylie lip kits.

These dupes cost way less, are easy to find and get, and are generally on par or better quality than Kylie's.Here are two that will appear in the majority of your searches. Coincidentally, almost every time a new Kylie Lip Kit is released, a corresponding video, review, or post also surfaces on the perfect dupe for whatever the new Lip Kit shade is. These dupe posts usually feature one of these high quality, low price two brands.

NYX Matte Lipsticks.

If you haven't heard of the beauty brand NYX, you might be missing out on some of the most gorgeous lip wear a you can by on a budget. They have created a phenomenal line up of lipsticks that have a cult-like following, including their established lines of matte lipsticks in both their Soft Matte Lip Creams (all named after cities), their liquid suede, which just as the name suggests, goes on smooth and stays put, and in their latest addition, the liquid lingerie in gorgeous flesh tone colors.NYX lipsticks will cost you around $8 max.

Pro Tip: If you encounter the Matte Lip Cream shade "Copenhagen" which is a very flattering shade of wine, buy a few! That particular shade sells out very quickly due to its price, quality, and its very wearable shade looks great on most lip shapes and skin tones.

ColourPop Ultra Mattes.

A good friend actually clued me in on to ColourPop products, a brand of great high quality, low priced make up produced in California, with as many blogger and starlet collaborations as the bigger brands.

Interestingly enough, ColourPop also happens to be a favorite of the youngest Jenner. Their lippies are very high quality given their very accessible price of $6 a piece.They glide on smooth as butter, stay put for hours, and come in a wide variety of covetable colors.With these two very accessible brands with beautiful colors and the right prices for literally every budget, the only reason to wait for those pricier lip kits is merely for trend value.

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