The beautiful St. Regis Hotel in the Town of Surfside is beginning two events starting in June that are sure to delight interested working professionals throughout Miami. One is, Cigars & Cognac where admission is complimentary and attendees can drink a weekly highlighted Cognac from the bar paired with a selected cigar on their outdoor terrace. The second is the Bourbon & Bowties event where the Saks Fifth Avenue team crosses the street and attendees could drink the highlighted Bourbon from the bar and see which bowtie looks best on them from the Saks line.

Both events will be monthly but occur during the first two Thursdays of the month so there is no delay in waiting till the end of the month to have a great time. From an online article on, posted by Tom Hudson, in 2015 over 95 million people stayed in hotels in Florida and over 1 million people are employed in the Hospitality industry.

Social responsibility embracing community.

But, with this boom, it is only right that hotels like the St. Regis are becoming part of the communities where they call home.

It is a social responsibility that they practice where they do not appear like ivory towers, removed and closed off from regular community activities. Opening their doors to locals spurs interest in the hotel, makes them a regular part of a person's social calendar and also convinces people to stay at the hotel for a weekend or schedule a special family dinner in the restaurant. In a report on Corporate Social responsibility in the Hospitality industry by Arlene Garrick, "companies that practice CSR achieve a better reputation, improved brand image, increase in sales, increased visibility to investors,...enhanced public relations and benefits, etc." For a person living in Miami-Dade county, participating in events in hotels embraces the relationship between residents and businesses (what Jane Jacobs called an "ecosystem).


This creates the ownership in someone's mind that Miami is a great place to live and they will tell anyone the reasons why listed one after the other. To quote Jacobs, "cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when they are created by everybody."

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