Moving into a new home is one of the most rewarding–and most stressful–events you can partake in during your life. From finding your new home to getting everything set up, there seem to be a million things you need to do in order to get settled. Because of this, there’s a chance you could miss a few key details. Make sure you don’t forget these very important steps when moving into your new home.

Get to know your neighbors

While some may decry that people aren’t as neighborly as they used to be, people are still people, and your neighbors will appreciate it if you introduce yourself. Not only is it good to have people close by for friendship and tips on your new location, but they can come in handy for reasons you might expect.

For example, neighbors often act as their own home security systems. If you get chummy with the neighbors and they see someone milling about your home when you’re not around, there will be a greater chance that they’ll call the authorities. Even if your community doesn’t have a neighborhood watch, it’s worth getting to know your neighbors simply for this reason.

Check for any improvements to be made

While your neighbors will be able to help keep your home safe if they notice anything suspicious, they shouldn’t be your only line of defense. At the least, you’ll want to have the locks on your home changed if possible. While a home inspector should have caught everything, there might still be a few other home improvements that you’ll need to make.

Double check for any big fixes such as water leaks or bug infestations. Better to get them now before it’s too late.

Give your new home a deep clean

Chances are, your home was professionally cleaned before you moved in. But, you still might want to give yourself the peace of mind by going over it yourself, just to be sure.

Not only will you be preparing your home for you to put your best foot forward, but this will also give you a chance to learn all the nooks and crannies of your new place. The cleaners could have missed a few spots, and even so, the only downside is that you’ll have a really clean home.

Become acquainted with your community’s services

There will be a lot of things that you’ll need to get used to in your new home, but one of the most important ones will be your community’s services. From the get-go, you’ll want to know how the waste removal service works, how often large items are picked up, and how to go about recycling. The last thing you’ll want is a trash buildup in your spotless new home!

Childproof all the rooms

If you have children, you’ll need to make sure that your new home is safe for them. This is especially true if you aren’t very familiar with your home and its potential dangers yet. Go through each and every room in your home and look at them from a child’s point of view.

If you have to take this literally and get down on all fours to do this, do so! Make sure stairs are blocked off securely, electric outlets are plugged up, and sharp edges are covered.

Get a good cable and internet deal

These days, cable isn’t just for entertainment; it’s a necessity. While your family may argue that being able to watch the latest shows really is necessary, you need cable to provide you with a solid Internet connection so you can keep in touch with loved ones and stay up to date on news. Take some time to find the right Internet plan for your family so you can work–and have fun–with ease.

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