Seeing it’s free to dream, and in your dream four of the top flight players from the Green BayPackersFootball team came over to your place for a meal, what would be on the menu? When should you have them over? If you eat, sleep and breathe Packers, you probably know already that in-season the Packers are strictly supervised on their food intake by dieticians, so you will have to plan for an off-season day.


For starters, you can relax about the cutlery. There’s no need to borrow the silverware from your Grandmother. We are talking Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Ray Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Mason Crosby.

These men are footballers, not divas, so you just need to make certain you have something more upmarket than paper throw-aways.


The first thing we offer when people arrive at our place is something to drink. Footballers are fit and strong men, so you won't need an array of hard spirits for them. Beers, preferably from Wisconsin would be a good choice, and it would be useful to have a range of fruit juices available. Bottled water is a must and it should be nice and frosty cold.

Snacks to nibble.

High protein healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruit will be well received. You can make a lovely array of light snacks using fresh food like celery and cottage cheese. Dips are always popular, so you could wow the players with roasted veg and watercress dip, which is one of Jamie Oliver’s stunning and colorful creations.

Playing football means staying in shape, so go heavier on a colorful array of tasty veg snacks rather than deep fried foods.


Off-season runs through spring and summer, so warm weather shouts out for a bit of outdoor cooking. Barbecuecookingis a great way to stand around, mix and talk. It doesn’t have to be the main course either.

Loads of different types of food can be cooked in small portions. We know from researching our players that wide receiver, Jordy Ray Nelson from Kentucky likes chicken and brisket. He even tweeted about it.

An entrée of chicken, mutton and marinated beef slices or miniature bratson the barbecue will probably suite all four of your elite guests.

Deciding the main menu.

The main course might pose a bit of a challenge at first. After all, Aaron is leaning towards lean beef, chicken and lots of vegetables these days. Mason Crosby, the place kicker comes from Texas and enjoys spicy food and Randall likes spicy Persian food while Jordy Ray is into delicious 8-ounce brisket burgers.

The common thread.

There is a common thread coming through and that is chicken. Randal’s favorite Toss Kabob dish can be served with either chicken or mutton. Jordy as we already know is not adverse to a Chipotle chicken sandwich. Aaron is going with lean, and chicken with the skin off is healthy lean meat. Then we have Mason, and yes, they do have chickens in Texas.

Suggested main course.

Your hungry sports stars want a good healthy meal, full of vegetables, a bit of spice, and as little fat as possible, so why not go for a delicious stir fry done with pure olive oil? If you want, you can cook this outdoors in a wok, or cook and serve it indoors. According to BBC Foods, one of the most delicious and healthy stir fried chicken dishes is cooked with broccoli & served on brown rice. Broccoli helps lower cholesterol, helps the body detox, and contains a flavonoid which helps us fight off allergies. Red peppers add the color, mild chili and garlic satisfy the spice desires, and mounds of fiber-filled brown rice add the bulk.


Aaron Rodgers favorite dessert is baked white cake and ice cream.

Who doesn’t like frosted cake with vanilla? This should be a safe choice for dessert. But, you might have to serve the cake separate to the ice-cream as Aaron told ESPN in July that he's cutting out dairy products, to stay healthy and “extend his career.”

Sconnie speak doesn’t allow bon appétit, so if and when your dream comes true – just enjoy.

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