There comes a point in the life of an optimist when he or she doesn't feel like being optimistic. They wake up and every situation around them is negative. They've done all that they can to change the situation, but all they see is negativity. This is the point when the optimist must cling to his or her beliefs the most. He or she can do so by following these steps.

Everything is eventual.

Everything good or bad is temporary. In every person's life, if they look back and recall the good times, they will remember that they were happy for a time. The same is true for bad times. All situations change, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad, but they do change.

While there is no exact time limit as to how and when a situation changes, you can be confident knowing that it will change. It's the nature of the universe. So the next time you're bogged down with life's problems, remember, it's only temporary and therefore, it's no big deal.

Peer pressure.

There's a certain philosophy that states that those that follow the crowd will receive the reward of the crowd. Those that do not, will find themselves in paths untold. To a certain extent, that's right.There was once a parable about the poisoned well. Those who watched the film Serpico might remember it.

It was about a king who ruled over a vast city. In the heart of that city was a well whose waters were pure and good to drink. However, overnight, an enemy poisoned the waters and all the people drank the waters except for the king. He tried to warn the people about what had happened but instead of listening to him, they called him crazy because his logic was out of sync with theirs.

The king soon learned that people were going to overthrow him, so he asked for a large goblet of water to be brought to him and he drank of it. Then all of the people rejoiced because the king had come to his senses.

Stand alone.

This story is a perfect example of peer pressure. The king was right all along.

The water was poisoned, but he feared losing his power and his position so much much that he acquiesced to the people's demands so that he could fit in and still rule, even if it's inhabitants were insane. In everyday life, we see this. We see people getting ahead by greed and corruption while others who are good and decent are ridiculed and lambasted. This is the time in the life of the optimist not to give in to convention. You may stand alone, but's it better to stand alone than to participate in the fallacy of the crowd mentality.

Be yourself.

At the end of the day, all you have is you.

You wake up with yourself and you go to bed with yourself. You are your judge and jury and you must be happy with the person that you have chosen to be regardless of the current circumstances. So, get up, do your best and be the awesome person that you are. There is only one you and it's your responsibility to keep yourself happy.

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