For you, the thought of Dubai might conjure up ideas of unbearable hotness and deserts as far as the eye can see. If so, you are very much mistaken – Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is an ultramodern city, a gem in the Middle East, which makes it a perfect city for a vacation, and especially for a romantic honeymoon. Here are some reasons Dubai makes a great getaway location for you and your loved one.

Amazing sights.

Because of Dubai’s location on the Arabian Sea, there are plenty of things, both natural and manmade, for your eyes to feast on. From the beaches on the ocean-side to the impressive skyline of bright lights, you won’t be able to turn your head without being impressed.

This makes for an epic, larger-than-life backdrop to your romantic honeymoon. At the top of the list of sights to see in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building of the world, where you can take a view in the views from 124 floors up. Or, take a walk along the Jumeirah Beach Walk in the Dubai Marina. If you’re interested in the culture and history of Dubai, you can visit Old Dubai, a section of the city that features modest Islamic architecture that stands in stark contrast to the rest of the modern city.

Exquisite attractions and attractions.

If you are more interested in staying a little active on your honeymoon, there are plenty of things to do in Dubai. After tiring of sightseeing, there are plenty of shopping malls, restaurants, and cinemas to visit.

But especially shopping malls – Dubai is actually one of the largest shopping destinations in the world, with dozens of centers offering wares both expensive and modest. At night, hit up one of the many bars or clubs to get a feeling of Dubai’s bustling nightlife.Of course, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy as well.

With its prime location on the oceanside, Dubai has many water sports to take part in, and with the desert nearby, you can book a desert safari or go dune buggying. Or, for something a little different, consider going skiing on an indoor slope, complete with manmade snow.

Cultured meals.

As a world capital and relatively new city, as well as an attraction for people from all over, Dubai is a melting pot of many different cultures from around the world.

As a result, you can expect to find some of the greatest food from all corners of the planet, all in this densely-packed city. While you can expect to find many common dishes such as shwarma and falafel, there are plenty of restaurants, ranging from budget to fine dining, that serve up anything from your Western staples to noodles, fish and chips, sushi, and Southeast Asian dishes. If you’re looking for a culinary adventure, you’ll definitely get your fill in Dubai.

True relaxation.

What’s a honeymoon without a little rest and relaxation? With some of the finest beaches in the world, Dubai is a great place to stick your feet in the sand and look out onto the ocean. The climate temperatures make this honeymoon spot a great choice if all you want is to be pampered and get a suntan.

Many hotel resorts follow suit, offering not just stellar accommodation but also plenty of relaxing perks such as spas and massages. While Dubai has its fair share of five-star hotels, there are also more budget accommodations available that are still centrally located and offer the requisite features you and your loved one need for a relaxing trip.

Whatever kind of honeymoon you’re looking for–whether a lazy, relaxing time or something a little more thrilling–you’re bound to find it. Because many people visit Dubai for honeymoon each year, there are plenty of accommodations available to make your Travel dreams come true.

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