Tired of sporting your standard shorts? Isthe typical summer frock notworking for your busy schedule? Try a romper. This short and top combo is not only easy to wear, but can transform your summer wardrobe completely. All a fashionista needs to do is throw on their favorite romper and a pair of fabulous summer shoes, and they are ready to go!

Here are five reasons why you need to add a romper to your summer wardrobe:

It’s in the name

As they are titled, rompers allow its wearer to literally romp around without worrying about anything falling out of place.

The handy short and top design makes it the perfect piece for everything, from a reception at a wedding to a picnic in a park. There’s a reason why so many festival goers wear them.

They flatter every body

Because of its compact, curve-hugging design, rompers can be sported by a number of different body types. They hug the tush and curve around the chest, and come in everything from long-sleeve variations to the classic tube top. Plus, some have a tie-in waist or belt that cinch in the waist and create a sexy S shape.

They come in culotte form too

Sometimes leg coverage is needed, whether its for work or you're a little shy about showing off your thighs. For those who see rompers as too skin baring, a number of brands have designed longer culotte, or pants that hit slightly below the knee, options.

Every print and color need apply

From the simple minimalists to the wild and free bohemians, there is a romper for every personality.

For warmer weather, designers often pair a romper silhouette with a loud print or color, but with the recent minimalist trend taking over fashion, simple colored varieties are on the market too.

Available at all prices

On a tight budget? Shoppers can find rompers at all prices. From a $15 piece at Forever 21 to a $200 number at Nordstrom, there is a romper for everyone. Plus they’re super easy to layer, making it a must-have for awarm fall or acool spring.

Will you sport a romper this summer? Comment and share!

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